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The Seven Bar Ranch is located in Archer City, Texas. The general terrain is Mesquite Flats
and Rolling Hills of North Texas. We are constantly improving the property to
accommodate both hunting and cattle ranching. We believe that one stimulates the other.
After 5 generations in Archer County, ranch manager Abby Abernathy spends most of his
days making sure the ranch is prepared for the next season.

Our hunts cost less than most and we don't turnstile hunters. Our theory is to offer more
to less and manage the game so there is seed for next year. Most of our property has been
in MLD with the Texas Parks and Wildlife for 13 years.

Before 1980 we did only Bobwhite Quail hunting in that the deer population had yet to
migrate North from the hardwoods and expanding population of Central Texas. But today
we are able to offer quality hunting for Whitetail deer, Quail, Rio Grande Turkey, and
migratory birds, Coyotes and Bobcats.
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